Payroll (Form E , Borang E , CP8D)

Inland Revenue Board's Calculator PCB

What Is Borang E / Form E / CP8D?

Form E Is A Declaration Report Submitted By Every Employer To Inform The IRB On The Number Of Employees And The List Of Employee’s Income Details Every Year

Not Later Than 31st March.

Employers May Still Submit Form E Manually To IRB This Year For Year Of Assessment 2015 Submission.
However, Employers Are Mandatory To Furnish Form E Online Via E-filing Effective Year Of Assessment 2016, Which Is Due For Submission In Year 2017.

What is Due Date for Form E (CP8D or Data Praisi) via e-Filing?

The Due Date For Employer CP8D e-Filling Will Be 31 March Every Year.

How To Submit E-Data Praisi / E-CP8D?

Step 1 : Login To LHDN MyTax Portal

  • To Get Started With Your Submission, Select Login via Identification Card No. (Please Note That This Should Be Your Company Director Identification Number)
  • Once You’ve Entered The Identification Number, Click On The Submit Button

Step 2 : From The Homepage, Click On ezHasil Services > e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D To Proceed

  • In Case You Are Unable To Submit Through e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D Or Miss The Deadline, You Have The Option Of Sending The Text Or Excel File Directly To LHDN At via Email.

Step 3 : Enter Your Employer Number And Check If It’s Your Company Name, Click Confirm To Proceed

Step 4 : Double Check Your Employer Profile And Click On Submission Of CP8D On The Left Panel