Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS)

Staff attendance and payroll management is important in Human Resource Management (HRM) but it can be hassle without the help of technology. HRMS helps your company to ease the process of managing time attendance and payroll, thus boosting your company efficiency.

Benefits of Our Unique Solution

Save time
Increase productivity
Increase efficiency
Reduce workload
Secured information

What does HRMS consist of?

FingerTec Face ID 5 Series
Ingress Time Attendance
Million Payroll & eLeave

FingerTec Face ID 5 Series

The hybrid face and palm recognition access device, with temperature scanner and face mask detector for the new norm and safety standards.


AI Recognition Technology

Accurate verifications in seconds, ensure smooth people flow for door access. Allow palm verification (hygiene control), face verification (verify with mask on) and fingerprint verification.

Large Capacity

Face ID 5 stores up to 6,000 face templates, 6,000 fingerprint templates, 3,000 palm templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs.

Temperature Scanner

Scan temperature while checking in. Easy and convenient.

Time Attendance and Access Control

As a clocking device for attendance and connect it to the door for access control purposes of your company.

Anti-spoofing Checks

Better security configuration to prevent crimes and spoofing attempts.

Connect with Ingress Time Attendance

The bundled solution with door access and time attendance.

Ingress Time Attendance

Comprehensive and Powerful Door Access & Attendance Software for FingerTec Products. It is a complete solution for centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activities of all FingerTec devices. This product also presents a complete and useful time attendance features to track staff’s attendance in addition to simplifying the complex scheduling module for all users.


Centralized Management
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Support surveillance from multiple PCs concurrently, while containing useful access monitoring features such as multi-level users and user group privileges.

Support Multi Languages
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Support up to 15 different languages (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Kurdish, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese).

Graphical Floor Maps
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Insert graphical floor maps with configured animated icons for easy and instant tracking of door activity.

Offline Alarm & Door Event
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The alarm & door event information will be stored in the terminal once the server is down or the connection to the server is lost. These events will be retrieved when the server is back up, preventing any loss of event logs.

Easy Data Export and Integration
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Supports import and export of user data, export of transaction logs and attendance data, plus, the export function comes with template configuration for easy 3rd party software integration.

Integrated Time Attendance Features
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Weekly schedules, duty rosters and holiday settings are available, complete with 18 common reports, such as daily attendance listing, and tardiness report.

IP Camera Software Integration
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Integrated with IP camera software from Milestone’s XProtect series and cloud storage solutions from Epicamera. Increases security by allowing visual observations of monitored areas as well as linking access control events to captured video clips or pictures.

Real-Time Alarm and Event Monitoring
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Simplify access control surveillance with real-time alarm and event monitoring features as well as prioritizing events or alerts to optimize your security actions.

Million Payroll & eLeave

An application used to manage, organize and automate the employee payment and generate employee payslip. Easily process and print hundreds of employee’s payslip with just a few mouse clicks.


Multi User and Company Transactions

Different companies can be created, each with its own payroll runs. Many payroll personnel can work on different processes at the same time. Can assign specific rights to different users.

Audit Trail

The user activities, salary adjustment made are recorded as audit trail. Master user can view back other user activities within the payroll system as audit trail report.

User Friendly

Simple and easy to use, even to first time user.

Create Payslips Easily

Auto calculation for salary, EPF, Socso & PCB, allowance, deduction

Auto Pay System (APS)

Auto pay employees on time, participated banks include MBB, PBB, CIMB, RHB, HLB, etc.

Payroll Report Made Easy

Easily generate report for the information you required anytime.


Apply leave easily and manage leave applications online.

Secure Employee Records

Secure your employee data-appraisals, leaves, absences, holidays, job and salary history.

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