AutoCount Point Of Sale 5.0

What is AutoCount POS

It is an offline POS system made for Retails or F&B businesses, standalone or multi-outlets. Its front-end and back-end database are supported by Microsoft SQL Server for stable and speedy performance.

Why AutoCount POS

It Is Not Just POS

Effective Integration with AutoCount Accounting 2.0 for Accounting Modules

Nothing Is Out Of Hand

Full Control on System Accessibilities and User Authorization

Size Doesn't Matter

Flexible Enough to Handle Standalone or Multiple Outlets, Size Does Not Matter

Get The Story Told

Real Time Synchronization and Offline Protection to Ensure Data Consistency

Business Uniqueness

Customizable System to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Cloud-Based eDashboard App

Easily Track and Monitor Outlets Sales Performance from Wherever You Are, With Cloud-Based eDashboard App

AutoCount POS – Retail

AutoCount POS Retail System helps retail businesses grow, by providing excellent features such as pricing management, discounts and promotions, weighing scale, batch items with expiry date control, better managed ordering process, integrating with AutoCount Accounting for posting of deposits and sales entries, also maintain strong ties with valued customers by rolling out appropriate rewarding scheme such as membership.

Retail Module

  • Hold Bill & Recall Bill
  • Trade-in, return, refund, exchange items
  • Print Barcode
  • Manage Prices, Discount & Promotions
  • Character-based Printing
  • Weighing Scale
  • Set Up Membership System

AutoCount POS – F&B

AutoCount POS F&B System is here as the latest and easiest operation mode for F&B businesses. Attractive features including efficient floor plan and table management, pricing management, memberships, discount and promotions function, better ordering process and smart ordering by eWaiter App.

F&B Module

  • Table Plan
  • Set Meal / Item Packages
  • Making Reservation
  • Display Item Out Of Stock
  • Mark As Served / Change Table
  • Reprint Kitchen Receipt
  • eWaiter App (with device)

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