Time Attendance Management System (TMS)

Time and Attendance Software System is a program that enables you to manage your employees easily in the most friendly manner. The program is installed with a clocking system to keep track on daily attendance through the usage of advanced biometrics, or proximity cards.

Benefits of TMS

Save Time
Improve Accuracy
Employee Performance Tracking
Reduce Workload

FingerTec Face ID 5 Series

The hybrid face and palm recognition access device, with temperature scanner and face mask detector for the new norm and safety standards. It acts as the important device to allow the users clocking their daily attendance.
AI Recognition Technology

Accurate verifications in seconds, ensure smooth people flow for door access. Allow palm verification (hygiene control), face verification (verify with mask on) and fingerprint verification.

Large Capacity

Face ID 5 stores up to 6,000 face templates, 6,000 fingerprint templates, 3,000 palm templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs.

Temperature Scanner

Scan temperature while checking in. Easy and convenient.

Time Attendance and Access Control

As a clocking device for attendance and connect it to the door for access control purposes of your company.

Anti-spoofing Checks

Better security configuration to prevent crimes and spoofing attempts.

Connect with Ingress Time Attendance

The bundled solution with door access and time attendance.

Auto Web-Based Database Management System (AWDMS)

The TimeTec AWDMS is an online application that offers Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party application developers to integrate with TimeTec terminals; to retrieve user information, biometric data, transaction logs, and TimeTec devices information.
Terminal Management

Easy setup, configuration, and advanced settings for multiple terminals.

User Management

User-friendly, simple, and powerful user management interface.

Transaction Logs

Download, check, search, and export the terminal’s raw data.

User Access Control

Control information of user’s terminal access such as time zone and verification type settings.

Time Zone Settings

50 sets of time zone settings for users’ time zone or time zone grouping configuration to be updated to terminals.

User Access Control Information

Instantly check the terminal for their access control information like privilege, password, fingerprint, card number, verification type or time zone settings.

Autocount CloudPayroll

AutoCount Cloud Payroll is a revolutionary cloud solution. Your payroll & HR processes can be done flexibly at anytime, anywhere and on any devices.

Flexible Shift Time Setup

Standard Single Time Rule & Shift

Standard setting of timing for employees that work on fixed hour and days, records generated based on specific timeline for employees to fulfil on fixed time contribution.

Flexible Roster Schedule

Flexible Roster Schedule allows companies to set employees timing freely and fulfils working hour accordingly, including break time and different work days setting.

Various Clocking Selection

Flexible multiple clocking selection for dynamic businesses with various clocking method available.

  • Normal Clocking
  • OT Clocking
  • Workhour Adjustment
Multiple Advanced Clocking Method Available
  • Geolocation
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Verify & Amend Records

Attendance Transaction

Complete info panel to enable view and verify every clocking transaction of each clock in session. Report details include shift status, predefined shift hour and each actual clock in details from employees.

Attendance Map

Interactive map specially for employee that clock-in by Geolocation, with detected actual clocking location and clocking day and hour record.

Reports Available in Verify and Amendment Section including:
  • Attendance Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • OT Report

Clocking report Transfer to Payroll

Time attendance data can be easily transfer and sync into AutoCount Cloud Payroll for wages management, without any mistake or errors on Payroll wages and OT payment calculation.

What is LMS?

A leave management system (LMS) is a process within an organization that determines how leave is requested by employees and approved by managers, as well as how it is tracked for payroll, balance, and other purposes. A modern leave management system should be digitalized, automated, and cloud-based.

Jorani Leave Management System

A free and open source software to manage leave and overtime requests. Simple workflow of approval. E-mail notifications, etc.
Free and No Hidden Cost

There is no hidden costs, no additional modules that you need to pay. Everything is available for free. The code of Jorani is distributed under a GPL v3 license.

Simple Workflows of Approval

Deploy a workflow for the leave and overtime requests of your organization. When creating an employee, specify the line manager and this manager will receive by e-mail the leave and overtime requests of the employee. Then, the manager can accept or reject any leave in a click.

Easy Reporting

Shipped with some built-in reports. For example the leave balance report. Moreover, any list of the application (leaves, overtime, employees, contracts, etc.) can be exported to Excel in a click.

Describe Your Organization

Configure a complex organization composed of countries, branches, subsidiaries, departments, teams, etc. and attach employees to any of these entities. This will allow you to filter reports and calendars if you want to display the leaves of a given entity of your organization.

Calendars of Leaves

Display many leave calendars (individual, workmates, department, etc.) so as to help you in planning your activities and future leaves.

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