AutoCount Cloud Accounting

What is AutoCount Cloud Accounting

Why AutoCount Cloud Accounting

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Accessibility Becomes Limitless, So Does Your Business

As long as internet is accessible, AutoCount Cloud Accounting is always there to perform her duties as you wish. What you need is just a device, either a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Big Saver On Server and Storage Hardware

Think about how much you could save on hardware, storage and security facilities.

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Software is Auto Updated

Software updates automatically means no more hassles on downloading and installing updates or newer versions from time to time. You always enjoy the latest version and features once it is made available.

Multiple Users' Access is Better Administered

It is so much easier to collaborate jobs and duties of users accessing from different locations and levels, but to the same database and platform. All inputs, billings, postings, and reports are instantly completed, and accessible according to access rights setting.

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Your Data is Auto-Backup and Protected

We care about security as much as you do. Your accounts and records are all saved and backup in a secured cloud environment through Microsoft Azure.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

βœ“ = included module | + = available optional (add-on) module | - = module not available

Lite Basic Plus Pro Accountant
Price RM 70 /month RM 100 /month RM 140 /month RM 180 /month RM 10 /month
Best for Start-up / Micro Company Professional Services Trading of products Multi-warehouse Accounting firm
Included users 1 user 2 users 3 users 3 users 2 users
Accountant 1 accountant 1 accountant 1 accountant 1 accountant βˆ’
Accounting √ √ √ √ √
Quotation, Invoice, CN √ √ √ √ √ (Only Invoice, CN)
Printing of sales document (Quotation, Invoice, CN) √ √ √ √ βˆ’
Sales Report – Monthly Sales Analysis βˆ’ √ √ √ βˆ’
Sales Report – Profit & Loss of document βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ βˆ’
Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return √ √ √ √ √ (Only Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return)
Printing of Purchase Document √ (Only Purchase Order) √ √ √ βˆ’
SST βˆ’ √ √ √ √
Multi-Currency βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ √
Track Inventory βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ βˆ’
Track Product Variant βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ βˆ’
Product Inquiry βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ βˆ’
Product Profit Margin βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √ βˆ’
Track Location βˆ’ βˆ’ βˆ’ √ βˆ’
Customize Financial Report Layout βˆ’ βˆ’ βˆ’ √ √
Ticket √ √ √ √ √
Live Chat RM 10/month √ √ √ RM 10/month
Phone Support A fee is chargeable for Phone Support
API for Integration Pending
Add-on User RM10/month/per user RM10/month/per user RM20/month/per user RM20/month/per user RM10/month/per user
Free Trial 100 Invoice/year and 60 Journal Voucher (whichever higher)

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