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Webstation Computer Centre was founded in 1999. With over 22 years of establishment, we are now one of the leading IT systems integrator in Perak. One of our major expertise is corporate networking, which connects a group of computers in the same company under a same network. We also offer various support and maintenance services of computer systems for corporate and organisations. As a solution-based company, we provide professional solutions to all of your IT problems. Throughout the years of involvement and experiences in IT field, we have planned many business-oriented IT applications. We are technically trained and certified on licensed business software like Access UBS (Formerly Sage UBS), AutoCount and others.


We are mainly focusing on accounting software solution (AutoCount Accounting, Access UBS (Formerly Sage UBS), Million Accounting, EMAS and Auto Power Suite) as well as customized software solutions. We provide technical know-how by configuring small-scale and medium-scale network systems. We have network solutions based on Intel network solutions and others. The Intel network solutions enable us to obtain the latest know-how in networking solutions & technology, not forgetting we have the right technical personnel that provide in-house support all the way from system discussion to installation and implementation.


Webstation Computer Centre provides full networking solutions which undertakes LAN/WAN project. We offer network file-server, print-server, computing, printer/scanner, communication solutions and more. We have very intensive market coverage in networking projects. As to-date, we are servicing many companies, corporations, government agencies, factories and manufacturing concern.

Our History

Jonathan Loh is the founder of the Webstation Computer Centre, founded in 1999. Webstation Computer Centre is a family-owned company that serves small to midsize business company by providing stable and secure technology solution in a proficient, courteous and professional manner. The company started with two staffs selling, servicing, repairing computer hardware and providing networking solution for small to midsize business companies.


In 2000, the growing knowledge of information technology took place; the launch of software products were getting more and more. We had chosen accounting and inventory software as our mainly focused software – EMAS Accounting was the first software we sell. In the following year, we keep implementing more accounting software solutions to our customer to meet their requirements, more brands were added to the list – Auto Power Suite, UBS Accounting, Million Accounting and AutoCount Accounting.


In 2015, the company grew to a size of 10+ people as GST started computerized in accounting system. In November 2016, our founder started e-Commerce journey by selling computer products on Top 1 marketplace – Lazada. In less than a month of e-Commerce journey, our store (One Stop Solution) was awarded by Lazada with the honored Lazada New Seller Workshop – Money Machine Award – Top Sales Performance by December 2016. In 2017, we started selling e-Commerce solutions and provide consultation to customer. From 2018 till now, the company never stop to grow and evolve with today’s technologies.

Who We Are

  • We are one of the leading IT systems integrator in Perak
  • We supply, support and service computer systems for small and mid-size enterprises
  • Our team consists of professional IT Supports who are ready to provide solutions to all of your IT problems
  • We also have hardware technical personnel that provide in-house support all the way from system discussion to installation and implementation

What We Do

Repairing, Troubleshoot & Maintenance

We offer in-house PC/laptop repair services by our skilled technicians with advanced tools. Our services including:

  • PC Repair, Troubleshoot, Installation & Maintenance
  • Technical Support & Training
  • System Security Testing, Anti-Virus Installation
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Motherboard Replacement And Removal, Memory Upgrades

Network & Security

We also offer complete solution for home/office computer network and security. We are able to help:

  • Cable Wiring
  • Planning & Design a Complete IT infrastructure
  • Set Up Corporate Networking for small to midsize business
  • LAN/WAN Project
  • Network file-server, Print-server and more networking services

Website Services

We focus on giving the best technology solutions to our customers who wish to implement technology into their businesses as e-Commerce is growing rapidly in the market. We are able to do:

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • E-Commerce Solutions & Consultation
  • Accounting Solutions
  • E-mail Hosting

Request A Free Consultation With Us

For any service consultation request, please feel free to Call us or WhatsApp us:

Toll Free Number: 1700 822 922 (General)

whatsapp +6016-553 4968 (Ms Ong) / +6016-550 8505 (Mr Jonathan)

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