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Keep tabs on your business anytime no matter where you are

AutoCount On the Go (AOTG) is the 1st hybrid cloud accounting system in South East Asia, and it is an add-On service to AutoCount Accounting. It offers the flexibility to access your AutoCount Accounting data anytime, anywhere like a cloud system, at the same time gaining full ownership control over the data by hosting it at your own server machine. Also comes together with mobile apps where users can run it on smartphones or tablets.


Top 5 Features

Hybrid Cloud Accounting

AOTG is a hybrid cloud system which allows easy access to your company data anytime, anywhere, taking advantage of cloud system benefits at the same time allowing you to have full control over your own data. Beside this, it is built on the Microsoft Azure.

Compatible To Any Device

With any internet browsing devices such as laptop, desktop PC, smartphones or tablets, you can use AOTG to access your company data within clicks! There is no need to invest in a powerful machine to make use of AOTG. You can even use it on any of the smartphones that you owned!

Simple Setup, no IT knowledge required

Setting up AOTG is simple, and it can be done within 10 minutes. There is no extensive IT or networking knowledge required to setup and configure IP settings, port forwarding, DDNS, firewall exceptions. Just run our AOTG installer and setup your AOTG account then you are good to go.

“Virtual” Personal Assistant

Wish to check on the price of your products or stock balances? Want to know your customer purchase history? Get it all done without any checkup calls or personal assistant with AOTG! AOTG has the capability to check important information which you might need on your day to day business operation. Not limiting itself to just product pricing, balances or history, AOTG offers more such as aging, collection details and more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Change an User ID in AOTG ?


For AOTG, you may delete the User account for resigned staff and create a new user account for new staff.

Login to AOTG, go to Setting > Administration

Change id1.png

Click on User.

Change id2.png

Select the user id for resigned staff and click on Change id3.png.

Change id4.png

Click on Delete.

Change id5.png

Click on OK.

Change id666.png

After removing the user id for resigned staff. Click on New.

Change id7.png

Fill in detail & check the account book you wish to access, click on Save.

Change id8.png

After creating new user, add access right to new staff email, click on Administration.

Change id9.png

Click on Access Group.

Change id10.png

Click on Change id3.png to assign access group to your new staff.

Change id11.png

Navigate to the Users tab, check the checkbox of the email for new staff and click on Save.

Change id12.png

Access group successfully assigned to new staff, your new staff can login now.

How to set AOTG dashboard? I wish to disable some info on the dashboard for my staff as those are confidential info.


Yes. You may set the access rights to hide some info for certain access group.

1. Click on the email address at the top right of the dashboard and click on Administration.

AOTG dash info2.png

2. Click on Access Group.

AOTG dash info3.png

3. Click on pen icon AOTG dash info4.png to edit.

AOTG dash info5.png

4. Click on DASHBOARD.

AOTG dash info6.png

5. Uncheck the info you wish to hide from your staff and click on Save.

AOTG dash info7.png

6. Re-login into AOTG.

AOTG dash info8.png

Info will be hidden from dashboard.

AOTG dash info9.png

How to Setup Mobile Printer for AOTG?


1. Turn on the Bluetooth print and get Bluetooth Printer basic info.

Setup printer1.jpg

2. To do pairing for printer and mobile phone, go to Bluetooth Setting of your phone, do paring > select Bluetooth > key in Bluetooth PIN > OK.

Note: Different brand of phone may have its own setting.

3. Printer successfully connected to phone.

Setup printer2.jpg

4. Go to AOTG app > Setup printer3.jpg

Setup printer4.jpg

5. Click on Setup.

Setup printer5.jpg

6. Fill in Bluetooth mac address (refer to step 1) and click on SAVE.

Setup printer6.jpg

7. Now, you may find back your bill > click on Setup printer7.jpg

Setup printer8.jpg

8. Click on Export or Print.

Setup printer9.jpg

9. Select report template and click on Print.

The bill will be downloaded into phone and printer will print out the bill automatically.

Note: Some devices may require to do pairing & fill in the pin every time.

Setup printer10.jpg

Please make sure your report name is started with ‘AOTG_TEXT XXX’

AOTG_TEXT XXX format has been prefixed as Bluetooth printer will be triggered when you export out those reports.

Setup printer11.jpg

How does AOTG Monitor work?


When the salesman creates a new transaction, HQ will be notified and proceed the delivery of stock soonest possible. The latest version of AOTG (0.1) will only notify the creation of Sales Order and Invoice.

To enjoy this new feature, User needs to login AutoCount Accounting and install AOTG version 0.1 .

1. Go to Tools > Plugin Manager;

AOTG monitor 1a.png

2. Click on Install > select app > Open;

AOTG monitor 2a.png

3. Click on Install,

AOTG monitor 3a.png

4. Click on OK after the plugin installed successfully.

AOTG monitor 4.png

5. Click on X to exit from Plug-In Manager.

AOTG monitor 5.png

6. Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance;

AOTG monitor 6.png

7. Click on Access Rights > AOTG Monitor > Setting; grant access rights to the desired user who wish to receive the notification message and then click on Apply.

AOTG monitor 7.png

8. Go to AOTG Monitor Plugin > Setting;

AOTG monitor 8.png

9. Click on Start Monitor;

AOTG monitor 9.png

10. When salesman creates a new transaction.

AOTG monitor 10.png

11. AutoCount Backend will be prompted a notification message.

AOTG monitor 11.png

What is Debt to Asset Ratio in AOTG?


The debt to assets ratio indicates the proportion of a company’s assets that are being financed with debt, rather than equity. The ratio is used to determine the financial risk of a business.

A ratio greater than 1 shows that a considerable proportion of assets are being funded with debt, while a low ratio indicates that the bulk of asset funding is coming from equity.

A ratio greater than 1 also indicates that a company may be putting itself at risk of not being able to pay back its debts, which is a particular problem when the business is located in a highly cyclical industry where cash flows can suddenly decline.

To view the deb to asset ratio, login on to AOTG > Financial > Asset & Liabilities

Debt to asset 1.png

System auto capture ratio by today’s date. Example: -0.073

Debt to asset 2.png

You can refer Balance Sheet Statement for the figure taken to calculate Deb to Asset Ratio.

Debt to asset 3.png

  • to date filtering
  • Assets = DR (Type: Assets) – CR (Type: Assets)
  • Liabilities = CR (Type: Liabilities) – DR (Type: Liabilities)

Debt to Asset Ratio = Liabilities / Assets -1567.35 / 21607.47 = -0.073

Difference between AOTG Net Profit Margin & Gross Profit Margin ratio?


Net profit margin, or net margin, is equal to net income or profits divided by total revenue and represents how much profit each dollar of sales generates.

Net profit margin is the ratio of net profits or net income to revenues for a company, business segment or product. Most commonly, investors will refer to net profit margin as the “net margin” and describe it as “net income” divided by total sales instead of using the term “net profits.”

Gross profit margin is a profitability ratio that measures how much of every dollar of revenues is left over after paying cost of goods sold (COGS).

1) Net Profit Margin:

User need login onto AOTG > Financial > Profit

Profit margin1.png

System will auto capture ratio by today. E.g. 0.997 (This Year) & 101.1 (Last Year)

You can refer P&L Statement

Profit margin2.png

The formulae derive from:

  • Net Profit = CR (Type: Gross Profit) – DR (Type: Gross Profit) + CR (Type: Net Profit) – DR (Type: Net Profit) [Sales(CR) – Sales Adjustment(DR) – Cost of Goods(DR) + Other Income(CR) – Expenses(DR)]
  • Sales = CR (Type: Gross Profit) – DR (Type: Gross Profit, Account Type: SA) [Sales(CR) – Sales Adjustment(DR)]

Net Profit Margin = Net Profit / Sales

This Year = 17842.40 / (18318.83 – 418.80) = 0.997

Last Year = 1009.99 / (9.99 – 0.00) = 101.1

2) Gross Profit Margin:

Login onto AOTG > Financial > Profit

Profit margin3.png

System will capture today ratio example: 0.967 (This Year) & 1 (Last Year)

You can refer P&L Statement

Profit margin4.png

The formulae derive from:

  • Gross Profit = CR (Type: Gross Profit) – DR (Type: Gross Profit) [Sales (CR) – Sales Adjustment (DR) – Cost of Goods (DR)]
  • Sales = CR (Type: Gross Profit) – DR (Type: Gross Profit, Account Type: SA) [Sales (CR) – Sales Adjustment (DR)]

Gross Profit Margin = Gross Profit / Sales

This Year = 17301.72 / (18318.83 – 418.80) = 0.967

Last Year = 9.99/ (9.99-0.00) = 1

What is Sales Ratio in AOTG?

Answer :

The cash flow to sales ratio compares the operating cash flows of a company to its sales revenue. This ratio provides analysts and investors an indicator to the ability of a company to generate cash from its sales. In other words, it shows the ability of a company to turn its sales into cash.

To view the sales ratio, login on to Dashboard > Financial > Cash Flow,


System will auto capture Sales Ratio of the current date. Example: 0.202 (This Year) & 3.419 (Last Year)

You can refer to P&L Statement & Cash Flow Statement for the figure taken to calculate Operating Cash Flow Ratio.

P&L Statement


Cash Flow Statement


  • Operating Cash Flow = Sum (Type: Operating Cash Flow)
  • Sales = CR (Type: Sales) – DR (Type: Sales) [Sales(CR) – Sales Adjustment(DR)]
  • Sales ratio = Operating Cash Flow/Sales

This Year = 3,592.19/ (18,240.83 – 418.80) = 0.202

Last Year = 1060.00 / (309.99 – 0.00) = 3.419

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